Victory Pre-Primary School

Victory Preschool, set in the heart of La Lucia, is the feeder school for Victory Christian Academy. It is a Christian pre-primary school where education is based on the Bible and dedicated to seeing each student discover their God given destiny.

A Christian value system based on the character traits observed in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ is at the core of the school’s philosophy, using the Accelerated Christian Education Programme (A.C.E) from Grade R year to Grade 12. The Toddlers (18 mths - 3 yrs), Grade 000 (3-4 year olds) and the Grade 00 (4-5 year olds) groups' programmes run according to weekly themes, also based on the character traits of Jesus.

Victory Preschool - Developing Your Child for Future Learning

The desire of Victory Preschool is to develop the whole child as it is believed that every area of the child, be it physical, social, emotional, intellectual or spiritual, are equally important. There is, therefore, a continual striving to provide opportunities to enhance all of these areas on a daily basis. A student’s day at Victory Preschool is a busy one.
Activities on offer ensure students get the opportunity to develop many different skills, the most important of these being creative thinking and problem solving, emotional and language skills are continuously being stimulated as children make choices, discuss, plan, and experience success and achivement, whilst being actively involved in a variety of challenges and oppurtunities placed before them on a daily basis.

The Grade R programme is an excellent and unique one, based on the phonetic reading system, enabling every child to have an excellent preparedness for learning to read in Grade 1. This, however, is a challenging programme and it is recommended that children do not advance to Grade R before they turn 6 years of age in that year.

At this preschool it is believed whole-heartedly, "Train up your child in the way he should go..." (Proverbs 22:6). This is an awesome task and one Victory Preschool does with absolute pleasure and joy.